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CRM Integration

The two key technologies in your contact center are of course your CRM system and your call center solution. When these work together to support a better experience for your customers and constituents, everybody wins. The Telax Hosted Call Center solution easily integrates with, Vonigo, Microsoft Lync, and many others including your own custom applications. Learn how easily you can integrate them to add value with automation and information for all parties in the interaction.

Business Challenges

Without integration, contact centers are forced to:

  • Ask callers to start from the “beginning” every call, and repeat the same story over and over.
  • Require customers to speak to an agent for every piece of information.
  • Ask for account numbers and other information that adds no value to your customer.
  • Lack a three-sixty degree view of interactions from different channels.
  • Supervisors must play Sherlock Holmes to decipher the chain of events across multiple systems when researching customer or regulatory complaints.

Telax Solutions

With an integrated CRM and contact center solution…

  • Customers are automatically identified and verified.
  • Data relating to the customer automatically populates your agent’s screen.
  • Callers can be routed to the previous agent they spoke with to maintain conversation threads.
  • Account specific info can be obtained by your customer without speaking to an agent.
  • All data relating to an interaction is captured in one area, the record of contact, and even the call recording is automatically inserted into the customer record.

For your team to have the information they need when they need it you need to integrate your CRM with your contact center platform. Your interactions will be more efficient, they will add more value to your customer and everyone will have the information they need!

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