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Workforce Management

A well-prepared contact center is an efficient contact center. To meet every customer’s need, mangers must accurately forecast staffing requirements, including how many employees are needed and of which skill sets. Telax Workforce Management software makes it easy for managers to predict future call volumes, ensuring that their staff is adequately prepared for each day’s challenges.

Business Challenges

Teams operating without a workforce management solution are finding…

  • Incorrect staffing levels, too few resources leading to poor service or too many leading to wasted budget.
  • Struggling with excel spreadsheets to create manual schedules, based on intuition not fact.
  • No insight, in real-time or historically, whether schedules were adhered to, with no learning from the results of the day.
  • Spending time managing shift trade requests between team members.
  • Unable to discern how many vacation days should be available during any given shift without affecting service levels.
  • Uncertain if hiring should be increased or decreased.

Telax Solutions

With an integrated workforce management solution, organizations can…

  • Forecast the right number of staff, according to historical data, relying on facts not anecdotes.
  • Automate schedule creation, giving team leaders more time to work with staff rather than spreadsheets.
  • Access data in real-time to determine if the schedule is adhered to and the required number of resources are available and providing service.
  • Create efficiency with “shift trade” marketplaces that follow business rules and save aggravation.
  • Provide automated responses to vacation requests while protecting the target service levels and managing vacation allotments per each team member.
  • Receive accolades from executives for having the exact right number of staff on hand to maximize service levels while minimizing the cost.

Forecasting the right number of staff, creating schedules, and managing adherence, shift trades, and vacations are some of the most critical aspects of running a successful contact center operation. You need the right tools to provide assistance and feedback to keep up, and exceed, your customer’s and executive team’s expectations of service and budget.

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