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The expectations consumers set for contact centers tend to be much higher over the December holiday season than they ...

Don’t get Netflixed

Here at Telax, we (good-naturedly, of course!) often use the phrase, “Don’t get Netflixed!” as an inside joke t...

Outbound Dialing and the Truth about Predictive Dialers

The predictive dialer concept works on the premise that a certain percentage of calls will not be connected either du...

Latest Posts:

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3 Awesome Apps for Companies with Remote Workforce

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There are a lot of challenges that contact center managers need to overcome in order to deliver the best possible cus...

What Ensures a Positive Customer Experience?

Based on an IQPC study, it seems organizations understand the importance of the customer experience and measuring thi...

Can you, or Can’t you?

As we grow from childhood and begin to make decisions on our own, the internal programming and external influences of...

Be Careful What You Say: How you write customer service emails matters

Nearly half of all customer service communication happens via email. If you Google ‘customer service email’ you...

Does self-service lead to low quality customer service?

The rise of self-service is one of the most significant recent developments in the realm of customer service. In a re...

New Trends In Customer Service: The Good and The Bad

Continuously working to improve customer service is something that all businesses should strive for. New trends in cu...